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We believe that each person is looking to find meaning and purpose in their life. We want to feel as if we have made a difference through our existence. We want to leave our unique, distinct mark in the world. Church has never felt like the avenue to do so, but what if together we can make that change?


We invite you to The Way! Come just as you are to our Sunday morning service and just be yourself.


On Sundays, you'll meet our friendly staff, discover what our church is all about, hear a powerful message from one of our Pastors and experience God as you never have before.


If you've never been to church or perhaps it's been a while, maybe you've been hurt by 'church', religion,  or a Christian in the past, or perhaps you're simply curious as to what this type of church is all about. You've found your home.

If you have any question about anything regarding our church, beliefs, service hours, programs or services, etc. Please feel free to contact us.

Phone: (916) 647-7297


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